Dr. Kevin Burchby
License: XXXXXXX

Counseling, Therapy, Mediation
Support  –  Healing  –  Growth

As our lives progress we face challenges both expected and unexpected.  Whether these challenges are new in the modern world or shared throughout human existence, having a counselor along the way can be an important source of support.   

My approach to counseling and therapy centers around exploring your values and using these strengths to address problems and encourage growth using scientifically validated techniques. Along with my experience as a counselor, my previous work in the corporate world of financial software provides me with unique insight into the difficulty of balancing professional and personal fulfillment.
Clinical specialties:
  • psychology of men and masculinity
  • undergraduate and graduate student experience
  • long-term recovery from traumatic events
  • technology, internet culture, and gaming
  • exploration of spirituality and religious concerns

Other possible counseling topics include:

  • depression
  • anxiety
  • academic distress
  • managing concerns with family or friends
  • romantic relationship difficulties or break-ups
  • grief and loss
  • moderating substance use
  • sexual health and kink/sex positivity
  • mindfulness and meditation
Office Hours and Location
Monday – Friday: 8 AM to noon

Saturday: 8AM to 5PM


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